Orchestrator - Connection String

Hi all,

Hoping somebody can help here.

I’m trying to obtain the connection string from Orchestrator Cloud (2020.10), and can’t seem to find it.

Using this help article, it advises

“navigate to the Settings page, General tab. ( User menu > Settings > General ). Look for the Connection String field, and click Copy .”

I can’t seem to find the “Settings” option under the user menu anymore, and I can’t find the connection string anywhere else.

Can you get a connection string in Orchestrator Cloud, and if so, where is it now?


If you navigate to ur orchestrator service from cloud ,u can find settings option when u click on tenant and scroll to the right.

I am not sure about connection string…If u want to connect robot to orchestrator u can try other options mentioned in same article u mentioned.

Hi @User12

Unfortunately it’s the connection string I need, and it’s nowhere to be seen on 2020.10 Orchestrator in all of the possible locations I’ve looked in!

I guess connection string would be available only in classic folders…it is mentioned that classic folders are deprecated in latest cloud orchestrator.

Not sure about it.