Orchestrator configuration option is disabled


does someone know why i see the field disabled for orchestrator configuration? I am able to do this on other computer successfully.

Are you able to run as administrator?

Are you running on CE? That is available only on Studio Pro.

also, check that you have the uirobot service running


Thanks all for your reply. Apology for delay in response.

I found that service “UiPath Robot” was not existing at all on my system.

Earlier, I only installed UiPath communnity edition studio. I installed that using UiPathStudio.exe.

but later I found UiPathStudio.msi file and tried that. It created the required service and when its started, I was able to edit the fields.


and thats the reason, I was looking for UiPath Infrastructure documents, so that i can come to know what all are the neccessary components UiPath have

I had same issue, was resolved after running UiPath MSI again with change option and selecting services.