Orchestrator Compatibility With Database Servers Other Than MSSQL

Can Orchestrator be setup with any other database other than MSSQL server?

Orchestrator is coded and built to work with MSSQL server as it's database hosting server. Due to this fact, the following points are applicable with respect to Orchestrator and it's database server compatibility.

  • Orchestrator is only compatible with MSSQL as ti's database server
  • MSSQL server is a mandatory component when setting up Orchestrator and the installation would fail if MSSQL server is not present.
  • Other database servers such as Oracle or MySQL servers are not supported database integrations with Orchestrator.
  • Elasticsearch can only be used as a target to store logs and cannot be used as the primary database to be used with Orchestrator.
  • Performing the installation with MSSQL server and later migrating the database to a different server other than MSSQL server, with manual tweaking of the connectionstring under web.config file would be un-tested and thus any issues that come up during this process would be considered as un-supported scenarios.
  • Standard and Enterprise versions of MSSQL server are the supported versions as confirmed in https://docs.uipath.com/orchestrator/docs/software-requirements