Orchestrator community - System error at initialization: Could not find a part of the path

Hi guys,
this is my case:
i have developed my robot in a Machine 1, i published on my orchestrator. Then, i linked Machine 2 on my Orchestrator to execute the robot published. When i executed it shows an error message (image).
Could you help me to solve this problem please?
Thanks in advance.


Welcome back to the uipath community.

Is the specified path in Machine 1 is existed in Machine 2 or not ?

I guess it didn’t exist and because of that it got failed.

Thanks @lakshman , nice to meet you!
Machine 1: is a laptop when i created robot (Excel file called “Config” is stored in this laptop).
Machine 2: is another Laptop.
I want to execute the robot in both Machine (laptop) using Queues but now it shows the problem (image).
how to solve this?
Thanks in advance again.



Copy the code from Machine 1 to Machine 2 and Change the path according to Machine 2.

In the above attached error image, path is like this C:\Users\username… and here username will change from Machine to Machine right. So change it according to that. Else you can use shared folder then no need to change any mentioned paths.

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