Orchestrator Community - Scheduled Maintenance Downtime

We will be performing infrastructure changes for Orchestrator running on our Automation Cloud - Community instance.

:spiral_calendar: Scheduled downtime window for 1 hour: May 13, 19:00 - 20:00 UTC

During this maintenance window:

  • some Orchestrator tenants will become unavailable;
  • connected robots will appear as disconnected;
  • the API will return an error code;
  • schedules will not be executed;
  • the user interface will be replaced by a static web page.

We’ll keep this topic updated with progress.

Note: Enterprise instances will not be impacted.


Please stop sending emails.

There are too many emails from UiPath.





UiPath has a responsibility to let their customers know about events that they deem important. If you choose not to receive them, you can unsubscribe.

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Hi @asha.tyagi,

You can easily update your email preference and get notified on the content you choose.

Happy Automating!


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Ummm… I want to use free edition of software but don’t want the emails…:thinking:

I’m glad I got this email because a number of my POCs are being tested by business users. I was able to let them know that their POCs won’t work.

:information_source: Orchestrator Community downtime started as scheduled.

Planned maintenance is being extended with 30 minutes.

The scheduled maintenance has been completed.

Hi Bianca,

I still cannot access Orchestrator…

All good, working now~

Thanks for reporting, @Shin_Sam!

After this update, roughly half of our triggers (20 or so) trigged and started the connected robots. Theres no real logic to what triggered, but it was definetly not because they were supposed to trigger

Thank you for reporting this. We have determined that the triggers fired due to a human error during the maintenance. We will take the necessary steps to ensure this does not happen again and hope your business was not impacted by it.

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