Orchestrator, Community Edition, Trigger not working

I’m starting to feel that UiPath intentionally cripple the community edtion.

I’m running studio pro, CE. I have created a tenant that I call Dwelling. This dwelling has been assigned all the licenses that you get with CE.

I have created a workflow that only does a Log Activity. I call this process LogProc.
This process has been published to the orchestrator.

I have two machines, my laptop and a test machine.
The test machine has a robot, unattended robot, that i call Bender.
The test machine has uipath studio installed. Also, Uipath assistance.
I can see my published process in the assistance.

From my laptop i login to platform.uipath.com, and create a trigger. This trigger is a time triggered, every minute. And it should execute the LogProc process. Setting this up I pick the robot Bender.

But. Nothing. Happens.