Orchestrator Community Edition 403 error / Orchestratorにアクセスできない

I tried to login/access Orchestrator Community Edition tenant page (https://demo.uipath.com/), but the error below is occurred. There was no problem last week. Does anyone know what is the problem or solution for this?

Orchestrator Community Editionにアクセスを試みたところ、添付のエラーが確認されました。こちらはcommunity editionの有効期限が切れたなどの理由が原因でしょうか。


Can you use https://platform.uipath.com and try to login


Thanks for Reply. I can access to Orchestrator via link you shared.
Here is another question, Why URL has been changed? In this case, I may need to change UiPath Robot URL setting and API request URL, correct?

Hi @keny,

There was always 2 platforms, platform.uipath.com and demo.uipath.com, may be because of yesterday’s maintenance the site is down , for now you can use platform.uipath.com and yes you need to change robot url.


I see! Dhanyavaad !

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