Orchestrator cluster configuration with shared disk for NugetPackages

Hi folks,
for our company customer’s constraints , we want to use a shared disk for NugetPackages and for all the packages developed by our developers. we have to use only the local feed of the orchestrator to deploy rpa and activities on the target robots.
we have a Load Balancer Fronted solution (Zen load balancers) and two instances of uipath orchestrator behind it, we have configured shared directory between the two cluster instances to store the RPA packages and all the activities i thinks. My first question is: the activities and processes are stored on the common database instance?
I have noticed that if i use the primary instance of Orchestrator all the processes and activities are displayed, but when i use the secondary instance (secondary node) all the processes, activities and deployed packages aren’t visible.
In the web.config file i’ve configured all the tags related to Nuget repository and i’ve setted the monitoring of deployment via Redis server database.
Please can you support me with specific documentation or steps for this type of configuration?
We use the Uipath 2018.4.3 release.
Antonio Della Selva