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I was exploring some advanced options of Automation Cloud Orchestrators and i cannot found some configuration settings from previous versions.

Specifically, i was looking for parameters that could be found in “web.config” and later in “UiPath.Orchestrator.dll.config”/“AppSettings.json”.

Is there any option to modify these settings? For example the older: Queue.ProcessActivationSchedule

On the other hand, i was thinking about connecting with the instance of database that is running in the background. Is that possible? It can be very useful to extract all the potential of the product.

Thanks in advance


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Hi @loginerror,

Sorry for mention you in the post, but some mates have asked me about this question and i’ve remembered the post.

Do you know something about this?

Thanks in advance

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Hey @Alvaro_RS

I don’t believe this is possible for our UiPath hosted Cloud services (=cloud.uipath.com). I am not sure 100% here, and it might be worth contacting our Cloud Support in case there is a way to modify the settings of a specific tenant:
Contact Cloud Technical Support

What I think you are asking for might require you to have a closer look at one of our new offerings that are currently in Preview, see here:

It basically allows you to install and manage your own instance of UiPath Cloud.

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