Orchestrator - Classic executions will stop in April 2023

Hello everyone,

As we approach release 2023.4, we’d like to remind you that Classic Folders will soon be removed, in accordance with our previously announced deprecation plan. Starting with the 2023.4 release of the UiPath Business Automation Platform, we will stop all classic executions in Orchestrator, but you will still be able to view existing Classic Folders (in read-only mode). To be clear, this means that robots in Classic Folders will stop working if they are not migrated to Modern Folders before release 2023.4 is deployed.

Automation Cloud customers need to complete their migration to modern folders before end of April 2023. Automation Suite and standalone-installed Orchestrator customers need to complete it before deploying the 2023.4 release. To review corresponding changes to new and existing entities (Folders, Triggers, Robots, Jobs etc.) coming in version 2023.4, please read our announcement regarding Classic Folders removal.

Modern Folders enable the quick and convenient management of your organization’s attended automation deployment, no matter how large. They offer the benefit of automatic robot management and license assignment, as well as a hierarchical folder structure that allows fine-grained permissions.

If you are still actively using Classic Folders in production, you will need to switch to Modern Folders before version 2023.4. In order to prepare for the removal of Classic Folder functionalities, please take into consideration one of the following migration paths:

  • Use the in-product Classic to Modern migration wizard – available since 2022.10 to streamline the migration process, it requires a post-migration setup that you will need to perform. Full documentation available here.
  • Perform a manual migration – you will need to recreate your required setup using Modern Folders, then disable the corresponding resources in Classic Folders. Please refer to the documentation here.
  • In case you are an Automation Cloud customer and are unable to perform the migration before end of April 2023 – please reach out to your UiPath contact to discuss available options for your particular setup or, in case you don’t have a dedicated contact, open a support ticket here.

We recommend that you perform this migration as soon as possible, since on the currently available version you will be able to temporarily re-enable your Classic Folders setup in case you run into technical issues during the migration process. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us in case you need further assistance or you have additional questions about the migration process.

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Thanks for the information!

I am wondering - if I am using on-premise orchestrator, v. 2019.10.18 and there is not even an option to create a modern folder, then will classic executions also will be stopped here?

Thank you!

Hi @An_Dig If you are using on-premise orchestrator you don’t need to worry it is not applicable to you but I recommend talking to your company and updating the orchastrator because that version no longer has support


Hi Team,

Please confirms once, there is any impact if we deploy the 19.4 version in azure on prim means

@satheesh10 there is no impact in on premises as long as you don’t upgrade to 23.4 version and still use classic at upgrade time. check out @Rui_Cruz2 's answer above.
Only for Automation Cloud there could be impact if you don’t have time to migrate before April 2023.

this will be a long night doing the resource migration.

Thanks for the information

Thanks for the info @sebastian.ungureanu