Orchestrator CE unable to enable/disable scheduled jobs

I have been running orchestrator successfully for a month. However, today I ran into a problem I have never encountered before. I created a new scheduled job and enabled it, the job however was never sent a command to the machine to run the process. Now I am unable to disable the scheduled job, as well as enable or create other schedules.

Also, fyi I am able to start processes manually just fine.

This is an image of what happens when I click enable/disable.

This error occurs when I try to create a new process

Just as an update from to the problem. I am now able to enable/disable scheduled processes, however, the scheduled processes are not sending commands to my machines. In the last 12 hours Orchestrator CE has been a nightmare to deal with. Why is this happening? @badita @PranayaSahu @Marius_Cosareanu @Vlad_Tudoran

Another update to the situation. The 2 scheduled jobs are now running successfully every 5 minutes, the strange thing is that I have them scheduled to perform every 10 minutes… Very strange… I wish someone from the Ui group would let me know what’s going on

  • Removed the steps by me as it was not related.

@PranayaSahu Thank you for your response. I have not done anything and Orchestrator is now functioning as it should. Seems like there was a bug that must have been updated in Orchestrator CE to fix the issue… idk

Welcome. Glad to hear that :slight_smile: