Orchestrator CE - Scheduled Maintenance Downtime

I can confirm that the schedule issue is now fixed :slight_smile:


Thanks, it works.

Schedule was ok untill 12:15 pm EST - it’s now broke again - getting error “An unexpected error occurred! (#100)”.

I am having the same problems …

This was probably due to the deployment of the update that happened a moment ago. Please get your Studio and Robot updated to 2019.3 and all should be working fine :slight_smile:


How can I get the last version ? is there in Uipath a shortcut or should I download again? anyways I will download … I would like to know for the next time

I am having the same problem and another one … I just got the last version … and tried to run from agent a small bot and was ok … from orchestrator keep forever pending … and then I tried to run an exercise from Studio and was ok but then just was cancelled … and I didn’t touch anything …

I am wondering now … if part of my problems could be the security policies in my new job … but don’t know what I should do …

Hi @carmen

I believe the solution to this particular issue will be in this post:

The symptoms are exactly the same :slight_smile:


you are right … now is working good … Thank you!! :slight_smile:

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Guys, is Orchestrator down again? my Jobs after 10 AM IST did not run. Neither can I change the schedules of any job now

It started working after 10 minutes. Sorry for the bother.

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