Orchestrator CE - Scheduled Maintenance Downtime

Getting same problems … I connected this morning and tried to run my robot is says pending …then later I tried to open my account again and I am getting Invalid credentials, failed to login. (#400)

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Thanks for hard work maintaining the platform. Has all the maintenance work been completed? I am still having problem creating process - it keeps spinning and ended up with error. Also, JOBS were no running at all. I have a big demo coming up on Wednesday - I would appreciate if you please provide most recent status. Thanks,

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Would you please provide us the status - I have a big demo scheduled on Wednesday. It would help me planning. Thanks,

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Also, cannot create SCHEDULES. Do we need to create ROBOTS, PROCESS, JOBS and SCHEDULE from scratch? Please advice. Thanks

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Hi ,I am not able to login to orchestrator.I have tried to reset my passwords quite a few times now.Still having issues logging in.Error #400 invalid credentials.Reached out to the support group too.Nothing helped much.

Need your help.


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We still do not have any response from the team. This is very disappointing.

Thank you all for your patience. It is indeed an ongoing issue that is still being investigated. Some fixes are coming though, so bear with us as we sort it out once and for all.


Thanks for your update.

Thanks for the update.
New issue here:
A disabled package is getting triggered every minute but showing in “Pending” state:

I can confirm that the schedule issue is now fixed :slight_smile:


Thanks, it works.

Schedule was ok untill 12:15 pm EST - it’s now broke again - getting error “An unexpected error occurred! (#100)”.

I am having the same problems …

This was probably due to the deployment of the update that happened a moment ago. Please get your Studio and Robot updated to 2019.3 and all should be working fine :slight_smile:


How can I get the last version ? is there in Uipath a shortcut or should I download again? anyways I will download … I would like to know for the next time

I am having the same problem and another one … I just got the last version … and tried to run from agent a small bot and was ok … from orchestrator keep forever pending … and then I tried to run an exercise from Studio and was ok but then just was cancelled … and I didn’t touch anything …

I am wondering now … if part of my problems could be the security policies in my new job … but don’t know what I should do …

Hi @carmen

I believe the solution to this particular issue will be in this post:

The symptoms are exactly the same :slight_smile:


you are right … now is working good … Thank you!! :slight_smile:

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Guys, is Orchestrator down again? my Jobs after 10 AM IST did not run. Neither can I change the schedules of any job now

It started working after 10 minutes. Sorry for the bother.

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