Orchestrator CE infrastructure upgrade



Orchestrator Community Edition(https://platform.uipath.com) will be upgraded today(09 Feb 2018).

Besides the infrastructure upgrade, there will be a functionality improvement in the Processes/Packages area. The visible effect will be that each tenant that was using the common MyGet feed(/f/orchestrator) will begin to only see its own packages.

But good things in life come at a cost:

  • The tenant will only see the packages that were linked to a process and a version(that means only the deployed packages). Packages published but not linked to a process will be gone (as there’s no way to tell who they actually belong to).
  • The Published field of the package will be set to the migration time (today). It will still be relevant for the new published packages.

So the speed in Processes and Packages should be significantly better. There might a couple of minutes of downtime.



Thank you, that’s useful and more secure. It will probably also help with the performance when selecting a package, because that was sometimes really slow due to the amount. (and all those people with the 0-0-0-… prefix…)