Orchestrator bot execution timing is not proper

Hi, I am facing a serious in orchestrator. I have scheduled a bot exact at 12:25 AM but if you see it directly shows me the strange time here. 2, 3 5 how it’s skipping the time.
Because of this, my other process skipped as the situation became deadlock.
Please suggest, why the time fluctuates, this process hardly takes 1 hour after this second process started at 2 AM. But this first process showing me the time indifference. The rest process got canceled automatically.

@Palaniyappan @Lahiru.Fernando @Pablito please help on this. this is an exported logfile from Orchestrator.



Could you please check once whether you selected proper time zone and scheduled correctly or not.

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If possible can I have a screenshot of schedule made on this process

Cheers @balkishan

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Hey @balkishan

Can you check the time zone you have selected is correct and it is showing the proper scheduled time in the scheduler?

Also, can see a screenshot on how you have configured the scheduler?

Yes, Bro I have checked already. Sometime it’s gives me improper timing.
last week it gave me date of starting on 31 Dec and Ending in 30th. So this is strange.

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Sure bro. sorry for the delay. @Palaniyappan @Lahiru.Fernando @lakshman

Note - Timezone is correct. If this is working for the last days, now it;s giving me the wrong timing. But how it can show me start from 12:10 am then direct show me the timing 2 am, 3am 5 and 6am, it shows me completed in 7am. Others process got affected due to this. It’s not giving me always this timing but sometime it’s giving me this execution timing. but if sometimes giving me this so other process get cancelled automatically.


@KarthikByggari @Palaniyappan @Lahiru.Fernando can you help on this

May I know how long does each schedule usually takes to complete

Cheers @balkishan

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It depends bro. Generally first which is start at 12:10 am takes 2-3 hours. So that’s way I gave the gap. But If you the timing of execution for only first process which start at 12:10 is something ambiguous. The rest process not taking much time to execute.
see how it’s showing the timing.

Again I ran this process manually and this process finished in 51 minutes for the same day only i.e 5th Jan 2020.


I saw an example like
, if process A on Robot X is scheduled to run at 11:20, 11:21 and 11:25, and the behavior is as follows:

  • at 11:20 the first process is executed.
  • If the first execution finishes before the second schedule:
    • The second schedule is processed.
      • If this execution finishes before the 11:25 schedule, the latter is also executed.
      • If the execution of the 11:21 schedule does not finish before the 11:25 one, it is added to a queue, in a pending state.
  • If the first execution does NOT finish before the second schedule:
    • The 11:21 schedule is placed in a queue, in a pending state.
      • If the execution of the 11:21 schedule finishes before the 11:25 one, the latter is also executed.
      • If the execution of the 11:21 schedule starts but does not finish before the 11:25 one, the last schedule is placed in a queue, in a pending state.
      • If the 11:21 schedule is still in pending when the 11:25 one should start, the latter is no longer executed or added to a queue.

Do we have any such cases
Because due to overlap this might happen

Have you fixed it? We are also experiencing this now, our scheduled triggers are all delayed by 1 hr (if job should start at 9am , the job will run in our machine at 9:50 or 10:00++am, everything was checked timezone in the orchestrator, triggers settings, local machine time/date. Everything is the same.

I can’t say its connection issue since when i start a job manually in the orchestrator, it will send a command automatically to the machine.