Orchestrator: batch scheduling on specific dates

After receiving a couple of requests from clients to help them schedule a process on specific dates (according to holidays, special days, etc) I created a PowerShell script that can take an array of schedules and set them up on the Orchestrator via the REST API.
If you want to try it out, please change the extension of the SetupSchedules.json to .ps1 as I was not allowed to upload ps1 files.

Command to run the script:
c:>PowerShell -file SetupSchedules.ps1 -settingsFile “.\Schedules.json”

Hope this helps.
SetupSchedules.json (2.8 KB)
Schedules.json (425 Bytes)


SetupSchedules.json (3.4 KB)
Schedules.json (955 Bytes)

Updated version which allows for specific robots and also fixes a bug which prevented editing in browser the created schedule. For 2016 version of the Orchestrator, the Name and Timezone fields have to be removed from the script, from the last post message body, as they were not supported in that version.

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