Orchestrator available as PAAS from Azure marketplace does not support multi tenancy?

I am using UiPath Orchestrator as PAAS from azure masketplace . This does not show the option for creating multiple tenants.

I have already tried setting tenant registration settings in Web.config file.

add key=“Tenant.Registration.Enabled” value=“true” />

But it does not help. Actually I cannot see the options for tenant itself as shown in this Uipath doc.

Please let me know if the PAAS on azure marketplace does not support multi tenancy or is it something to do with license?

PAAS on azure marketpkace does support multi tenancy. Only trick here is that you need to manually change the default value of false to true for the key Tenant.Registration.Enabled in appsettings section of Template.json file, then deploy it.

Once deployed, making changes to it does not reflect. Also if you directly deploy the template from the azure portal then multi-tenancy remains disabled.


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