Orchestrator Audit Logs

Hi All - Does anyone how process audit logs are kept by default? I’ve read several conflicting opinions (both in and outside this forum), so was hoping to get a concrete answer.

I have encountered a scenario where I will need to keep logs for up to year.

Using Orchestrator Cloud.

Thanks in advance.

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Hi @benc
Welcome to the Uipath Community
We are really sorry about the delay.

Actually, Orchestrator Cloud always keep the top 5000 log entries.
if your transition of logs is not more than 5000 per year yes it will keep, if not your old logs will be delete automatically

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Hi - Thank you for the reply!

Thanks for that info as well, very helpful. However, I have two follow-ups:

Is there a way that this 5000 cap can be changed to suit requirements?
When you say log entries… does that mean process runs? I.e one completed process run = 1 log entry.

Hope that makes sense.


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This is not correct. Audit logs are kept for 2 years for paid customers. For free accounts, retention period is lower (I think it’s 6 months now, but I am not sure), the documentation will be updated when exact numbers will be decided. Robot logs are kept for 30 days.

There is a note in this doc which mentions these numbers, but we are in process of creating a better doc page with a lot more details soon.


This is really helpful thank you.

Just to confirm - These 2 Year and 30 day limits are fixed and cannot be amended to suit business requirements?

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thanks for letting us correct and reference of below also mention that downloadable contend is limited up to 5000

I hope we have good documentation in the future that can have more details
Thanks again for the update

hi @benc
I hope that is not possible since it is global control, applicable for everyone as same
you can try to contact uipath technical support

may be you will get something

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