Orchestrator Asset categorization grouping

Hi all,
This is regarding another suggestion from me.

Regarding orchestrator ASSETES☄
When we managing several project and also larger project we have to create large amount of assets

Currently our project contains more than 100 assets at the moment

So if there is a possibilty of categories assets, so we can easily manage and go through the specific category directly rather than viewing page by page

So what about orchestrator admin have facility have to create asset group and we can put in those asset in relevant group

Have given an idea to tree structure for assets(folders).

It might useful to handle multiple assets.

Also tree structure needed for schedules and Process/Jobs

Thank you for your suggestion. I added it to our internal ideas tracker for our team to consider.


I think this is going to be solved via object tagging. Not hierarchical, though and not the perfect solution.

The best solution will imply that once uploaded and deployed to Orchestrator assets and queues will be automatically created and grouped based on the process package.