Orchestrator & Arguments


I define a set of job with arguments in studio.
I can see the arguments in orchestrator when I explore the package but
when i try to assign it during execution, the panel is empty :

I’m stuck on this…
Am i missing something?


view of the explored package from the Orchestrator

Hi @michael.oullion,

Have you verified that process you are trying to run is attached to the same version of the package you are trying to explore?

Also, what is the direction of arguments in your process, please verify.

As, upon trying to start a job, parameters screen will definitely show arguments.

Also, could you tell me in English what does it show in parameters screen(that message in your screenshot)?


first thanks for your answer.
I double check the version and it’s the same I explored and I run.

I double check the direction too and it’s ok.

The text displayed in Orchestrator is :
“not yet data to show/to display”

for information, I have a “old” version => 20.4.1 maybe it’s the problem.

Hi @michael.oullion,

You mean on old version 20.4 for orchestrator?

Which license you are on enterprise or community?


20.4 for the studio and the bot (on premise unattended bot)
Actually we use a Community License.

Hi @michael.oullion,

I don’t see this should be the issue with older version as this the basic functionality which I am sure would be in 20.4 as well.

However, as a recommendation as you are on community license, upgrading to latest version or near to latest version would be better to be able to utilize latest features.

Community version is already on 2021.4 or beyond, may be you can consider upgrading to atleast 20.10 version?


Hi @sonaliaggarwal47
I’ll try to update our config as soon as possible with our process.
Maybe it can help on my problem.

Thanks for your answer