Orchestrator API怎么用?


主要是现在Orch CE上了云,而官方文档没有及时更新。希望官方早点更新文档。


Sorry, I know a little bit Chinese but i cannot type Chinese

about the cause of your error is [Your login information is wrong.]
Please confirm it again.

Test case
Try to send wrong login information and then Orchestrator return message same with you “Invalid credentials, failed to login.”

Send correct login information and then Orchestrator return “success”

Orch CE是什么东西?地址是多少?

原本是 Orchestrator CE -(https://platform.uipath.com/)
現在是Cloud-hosted orchestrator

Orchestrator CE


As the new Orchestrator CE is based on cloud & logged in with social Account like LinkedIn, I have no place to retrieve the tenancyName & usernameOrEmailAddress… could you please share the method of how to inquiry them? Thank you!

@Lottie Hello,

You can get tenancyName from service name in uipath cloud

or get it from Orchestrator

you can get tenancyName from display menu

click [tenancyName]/[name]

Profile screen will be shown. You can get email from this screen.

I hope this will help you.

hi,I use service name or profile name as my tenantName, email as usernameOrEmailAddress, but I cannot login, I don’t know how to do now


Could you please confirm your information in Account Settings.

I am sure the data is correct,and I login in success by another way. here is the website https://docs.uipath.com/orchestrator/v2019/reference#webhooks-requests

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使用 cloud Orchestrator API 比以前多了generate token的步驟, 詳情請看以下連結