Orchestrator api to select subproperty

Given a result of urlRequest below using orchestratorp api.

@odata.context”: “https://cloud.uipath.com/odata/$metadata#Jobs”,
@odata.count”: 11,
“value”: [
“Key”: “d3780aac-1e80-49b0-bfd3-c8ec6a3939db”,
“Robot”: {
“LicenseKey”: null,
“MachineName”: “DESKTOP-PMFQGCB”,
“Name”: “RoboDrulea”,
“Username”: “ALEX”,
“Description”: null,

I know that by using $select paramater I can choose to select which properties to return. Is it also possible to get the value of the subproperty “MachineName” directly? If yes, how I should I do it?

NOTE: I am using swagger to test each url request, so far I have not encountered yet how to to this specific selection of a subproperty in forums and documentation.

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Did you checked this post?

Hope it helps

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