Orchestrator API - robotDto - Password


I’m retrieving the robot details, but the password always comes back as


I need to be able to retrieve a robot’s password via the API. Is this possible?

We are also some people who would like to know if this is possible. Of course it makes sense that it is encrypted, but why list it as a possible item to retrieve, if you cannot retrieve it?

Hi Lenz,

Which Orchestrator version? And it’s not possible to retreive a Robot’s password via API(Get method). Password is only for Post method - to send it to the server.

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That makes sense.
We did however find out that you can change the password via the API.

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Hi @Lenz
I’m trying to change a robot’s password via the API with the PUT method
I can succesfully GET the parameters of this robot but when I send my PUT request I keep having this message:
“Requested entity could not be found.”

Could you please tell me how do you create youre request to change the password ?

was there a fix for this? I’m gettgin RobotDto must not be null. works in postman but I cant seem to get it working in a python script