Orchestrator API odata/Releases IsLatestVersion not working


when using the Orchestrator API Endpoint odata/Releases with the filter IsLatestVersion eq false (https://demo.uipath.com/odata/Releases?$filter=IsLatestVersion%20eq%20false) I receive 0 results. I also receve 0 results when using the opposite filter IsLatestVersion eq true (https://demo.uipath.com/odata/Releases?$filter=IsLatestVersion%20eq%20true).

Without a filter the count is 13.

Also I had to see that the value of IsLatestVersion is always false no matter if it is the latest version or not.


I found a possible workaround:

When you expand ReleaseVersions, CurrentVersion or both, IsLatestVersion is correctly evaluated.

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This seems to still be a problem. IsLatestVersion is always false when fetching from the releases endpoint.

Still no fix 3 years later? … or maybe I misunderstand the meaning of this value.

Same situation on my side, i’m interested to see this behavior fixed (or explained :slight_smile: )


Does anyone know whether we can use the IsLatestVersion please? I need it as an OData filter and I keep getting the below message in the swagger and in postman

“message”: “Invalid OData query options.”,
“errorCode”: 1000,

I’m using odata/Releases?$filter=IsLatestVersion eq true

Thank you!

In order to retrieve the “IsLatestVersion”: true value for a specific process in a folder, the GET request should look like the below:

https://cloud.uipath.com/**your_org_name**/**your_tenant_name**/orchestrator_/odata/Releases?$expand=Environment,CurrentVersion,EntryPoint&$filter=ProcessKey eq '**your_process_key**'&$count=true

Authorization: Bearer + " access_token"


Content-Type: application/json