Orchestrator API Key missing

I have just created a new Organization and a Tenant, I’m configurating it now (users, licenses, assets, libraries) and I’m missing one thing, that I had in previous organization settings: API Key number:

I’ve found out that in order to be able to upload libraries from Uipath to Orchestrator, I need to check Feeds: Both host and tenant feeds, so I did it, I have also checked Deployment: Internal but last position Security: API Key is still missing - I don’t know what to type here, where to obtain this key from? In my previous organization, I had somehing here but I do not recall where that value was taken from, please advice.

You can set in Libraries Security to Secure Deployment.
Make sure that the Robot/User that is supposed to manage/access libraries has the needed privileges added in his role.

Let us know if this helped.

Hey, yes I’ve seen that option but I would like to have it configured with API key (like I had before) - as of now, I have copied old API key from previous organization and I put it here - not sure if this is correct, but I’m able to upload new libraries to this Orchestrator, so I believe it works, thanks for advice.

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