Orchestrator API Gives error in Code if i am not been logged in through browser


I am trying to access the data through Orchestrator API’s in Visual Studio 19. My Application is based on ASP.NET MVC 5. When i try to call an UIPATH authentication API for example and i’m not logged into the orchestrator with my browser it always gives me an error.
as soon as i authorize n access orchestrator through WEB Browser and then try to access the API’s then it will not give me any error.
This same things is happening with me from past 3,4 days.
I am just using free local orchestrator with GMAIL login.

Hi Zanjani,

Just to be sure but: are you using the API Credentials to get the Auth Token?

and when you say free orchestrator, you mean the Community Orchestrator, right?

Yup, I am using email or user, password and tenant to get the token. And yes, I am using the community version.

And is it working? Have you tried to use the API access from the cloud platform (with user key and client id) instead of the mail/password?

The thing is if i’m logged in through web browser on cloud or you can say on orchestrator than it will generate the results (token) otherwise it gives the error.
I am using this to call the API in my code too.

How to make API calls to orchestrator CE has changed with version 20 and onwards. Please have a look at this article .


Just a small correction in the link. I think an extra character got appended to the hyperlink you shared. Correct link is - Consuming Cloud API

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Thanks for correcting it :slight_smile: . Hope it becomes helpful to OP.