Orchestrator API error: "The user 'username' is locked out." errorCode 1000


I’m trying to work with Postman collection of API queries for Orchestrator https://postman.uipath.rocks/?version=latest. When I’m trying to run Authenticate query I get this response:
{ "message": "The user 'mateusz.macheta@wp.pl' is locked out.", "errorCode": 1000, "resourceIds": null }

I coudn’t find any information on this error. Its suggesting that I’m somehow locked ouf of Orchestrator, but I can succesfully log in via web browser.
Also, I was able to make succesfull calls and got valid responses using credentials provided by author of this collection. So it’s probably not an issue with query.

Please help.

Hi @mateuszmacheta

Is it an API call for to the platform.uipath.com? If so, then the authentication method in that collection is most likely not updated with the latest changes.
Could you have a look at this guide here:
About OData and References

It seems I misread the post, as you’ve successfully run some calls already. Hmm…

Hey. Didn’t know that there’s different way to communicate with Orchestrator in Cloud. I checked your link and followed instructions. Now I’m getting responses related to my account :slight_smile: thanks @loginerror

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