Orchestrator API bearer token timeout time

Hi Everyone!

I would like to check is there any specific timeout for Orchestrator API → AUTHORIZATION Bearer token?
and I couldn’t able to find it in documentation about the timewindow or a transaction limit to use the AUTHORIZATION bearer token .

I have few set of executions to complete in one process activity.
-Assets-> get → create/edit
-Queues → Add new item
-Jobs → get → stop/start

During the POC i use one AUTHORIZATION bearer token to perform the above 3 API operations… however during the project implementation → there is a business logic/delay between Get All Jobs and Start/Stop Option.

@loginerror, @Pablito - What could be your recommendations? Thanks!

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If I recall correctly, the bearer token is returned with the timeout value:

I believe it is in seconds.

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Hi, I think it’s in milliseconds. Bearer Token is valid 30 minutes.

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@loginerror - Thanks for your reply. Sorry to mentioned am using On-Premise, not the cloud Orch.

For Authenticate (On-Premise) response there is no expires_in timeout value.

  "result": "[access token]",
  "targetUrl": null,
  "success": true,
  "error": null,
  "unAuthorizedRequest": false,
  "__abp": true

but 86400 s is 24 h ? i think is not 30 minutes maybe