Orchestrator and file resources

Hi all,
I’m going to develop an automation which need to move files from a internet site to another internet site.
My main doubts is where store the file I download from the first site in order to be uploaded to the second site.
When developing I use a local path of my laptop, but if I want to run the automation in the orchestrator where the file could be stored to be accessible by the orchestrator?
I can use a s3 bucket configured in the orchestrator, but how to save the download file directly on the S3 bucket without using local file system?

Finally I have an excel file with the list of file I’m looking to move from source site to destination site. How can I access to this file from orchestrator?

Any help will be apreciated.

Hi @r.pietrangeli

You can upload the downloaded files as Assets in UiPath Orchestrator. Assets are securely stored and can be accessed by your automation processes. You can create a new Asset of type “Credential” or “Text” and upload the file as its value. During runtime, your automation can retrieve the file from the Asset and upload it to the destination site.
also, as you mentioned, you can use a cloud storage service like Amazon S3, Google Cloud Storage, or Azure Blob Storage. Set up a cloud storage bucket/container in your preferred service and configure it in the Orchestrator. Then, instead of saving the downloaded files to the local file system, you can directly upload them to the cloud storage bucket using the appropriate activities or APIs provided by the cloud service.



You can use wait for download activity which gives you a file resource output which can be sued further in your automation like to upload to s3 bucket which needs a fileresource again…you can assign that variable and it would be uplaoded there

Hope this helps


Hi @r.pietrangeli

You can store the file in the Storage Bucket on Orchestrator.
Since you have the list of fileNames.
You can search for the fileName specifically and Download it later for uploading onto your second site.
Easy to implement!

And you would have to download it to Local System for a while, once uploaded to Storage Bucket, you can delete the file using Delete File activity.

Hi @adiijaiin,
since I’m beginner of automation, I cannot understand which is local path when process is running on the orchestrator since I’m using cloud orchestrator.

Hi @Anil_G,
I’ll try your solution.
Thank you.

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How do you config the monitored folder?

Thank you


The monitored folder will be the default downloads folders…you can use the same which comes by default which points to downloads folder…unless you are changing the location


Hi @Anil_G,
maybe my question is very basic, how the architecture using cloud orchestrator?
Which is the machine running a package when run as unattended in to the orchestrator?
How can I understand which are the local file system?

Thank you in advance


Ideally whatever system or machine you use is something you configured…

So you would already know the machine …

And coming to local folders if not chnaged the downloads folder remain as the same folder everywhere or generaly is added in the environment paths of the machine

So if you drag a wait for download by dedault it uses a path which will read env variables and get the downlods location and use it…

So that should suffice your request

Which generally looks like this


Hope this helps


Hi @Anil_G,
you mean even if we have in cloud orchestrator, the package is not executed by orchestrator but we need a “robot machine” where the package run?
In this case I don’t completely understand the UiPath architecture. Which is the role of the Orchestrator ?
Could you suggest me any topic on University where architecture is explained?

Thank you for helping

Hi @r.pietrangeli
The Orchestrator is a middle layer from which you can manage all your automations, asset values, queues(In other terms Workload management for multibot processes), machines, users and various other things.

You can take a look at these 2:

These should be able to provide you sufficient answers.

Thanks :smiley: