Orchestrator and advanced training


Is it possible to do orchestrator and advanced training/certification with community edition?

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Yes. You can do advanced training and Certifications using Community edition. Community Edition is mainly for Educational purpose :grinning:

And it will allow me to create queues and delivery all the projects in advanced training?

It works with the web orchestrator site right? Do I need to install any extra features?

I’ve read elsewhere that for advanced I would need the Enterprise version…

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Yes https://platform.uipath.com/ and No


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For Community edition Orchestrator you need to use Www.platform.uipath.com…

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In Practice 2 of orchestrator… When I click the desktop bar arrow in the desktop, I have not the white uipath logo (robot) available… What to do?

If Uipath robot is not available, click on Windows and search Uipath robot and click Uipath robot :slightly_smiling_face:

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