Orchestrator: Ability to change timezone of logs within Modern Folders


I know that there’s a feature to change at the tenant level the timezone by navigating to settings.

However this applies to all the modern folders and processes.

My modern folders are managed by different orgs who live in different timezones.

Please enable a feature to display the right timezone set by modern folder individual settings. Thanks!

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I understand this impacts our non working day calendar restriction as well. However I don’t know why it would be bad to allow users manage their triggers on their timezone rather than of the tenant. If they can use their timezone to set the triggers, and allow non-working day calendars specified for their timezone, this would be very powerful for the users.

Thank you for the feedback, I pushed it to our internal tracker for our team to consider.

thank you!


I support this feature too. Makes sense to allows users to set time zones for a moden folder so the graph it displays are correct without having to create a new tenant.

Many thanks for listening.


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