Orchestrator 3rd Party Activities

Hello team

I was wondering what the community thought about using 3rd party activities on the orchestrator? We have a federated model and one of our self service teams requested a 3rd party mail.dll activity to be loaded. My concern is that it hasnt been certified by UiPath so I could be exposing risk to the environment.

Curious what other teams do with 3rd party activities. Please let me know your thoughts.


The issue we are trying to solve is that there is an application the bot is logging into to do work. Part of the job is to open the request and read a msg attachment. We are trying to read that attachment without loading outlook on our servers.

If we can solve this, then we wont need the 3rd party activity.

Any thoughts on this?

Hi @kedwards,
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You don’t need any 3rd party activity to get the mail attachment. Just grab mails by using image and then you can use mails object on image to get particular attachments.