Orchestrator 2020.10, modern folders, determination of machine (critical issue)


we would like to kindly ask for support. We are using Amazon Workspaces, where, based on documentation, only one user can be assigned to machine.
(Each WorkSpace is assigned to a single user and cannot be shared by multiple users. => Administer WorkSpace users - Amazon WorkSpaces)

We have migrated to Modern folders, where we have several folders. In one folder, one machine template with two users on two separate machines.

User 1 <=> Machine 1
User 2 <=> Machine 2

Trigger creates job for User 1 on Machine 2, what in some automations is not vital, as surprisingly robot can operate, but User 1 has no authorisation to delete files from folders and so on… Even, If I choose in Trigger User 1, in some cases it takes Machine 1 and in some cases Machine 2. Currently we ended up with manual running of jobs, where we can select user and machine. If job should be run every hour, then this is a mundane task. :slight_smile:
We are fine with random determination of users, but we expected that machine will be determined based on the fact on what machine this user is logged in, and not picked randomly.

is there any way how to permanently link User 1 with machine 1? We have disabled Concurrent Execution on AD users for robots. We also tried to have each machine template for each user, but the same result.
Creation as many (sub)folders as workspaces we have is not an option here.

Any plan to include machine selection to triggers, as it is with manual run of job?


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Meantime, Orchestrator 2021.4 came with account-machine mapping, topic can be closed.

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