Orchestrator 2019.8 install issues - auto upgrade?

Hi - I am trying to install the Orchestrator 2019.8 preview over our existing 2019.4.4 installation and normally the install will automatically upgrade the existing Orchestrator instance (including the database).

However, when attempting to install we are getting the below error message. Can anyone from UiPath team confirm if this install will auto upgrade the existing instance or is it trying to install a new Orchestrator instance?


2019.4.4 is an enterprise launch where as 2019.8 is still in community phase… the way it works/installs would be different… Can you provide detail about the type of installer you have and the method that you are using to run the same.

Pretty straight forward - I have the installer provided by this link:


I log onto our Orchestrator server and run it from there - usually does an inplace upgrade as I said, however need to confirm how this works as I don’t want to destroy our existing install.

Okay gotcha. My suggestion would be to wait for enterprise launch [2019.10] and then install it over 2019.4.4 … Meanwhile if you want to have a feel then if feasible try to install it over an another server so as to avoid any impact on existing setup.

Hi @abossy, as mentioned over email the recommendation from our team is to install ASP.Net Core prior to upgrading Orchestrator, which only takes a couple minutes. It’s a new requirement introduced in 19.8 Orchestrator and will be required going forward.

@Akash_N_Jain is definitely correct to wait until the enterprise release before upgrading any environments associated with production processes. We recommend trying the new capabilities we release each month in a dedicated test environment, to help you understand and prepare for the eventual upgrade to the enterprise version.