Orchestrator 2019.10 Tenant Password

What’s the Tenant password to install Orchestrator 2019.10 version.

the 890iop does not work anymore


Sorry I didn’t get you. Could you please tell more details about the issue for better understanding.

I was trying to install the 2019.10 Orchestrator version
I use these information
Tenant: default
Username: admin
Password: 890iop

However, the installer gives error and requires password to be at least 8 character long


Are you installing Enterprise Edition of Orchestrator 2019.10 right ?

So set it to 8 charcters then.

Yes - Enterprise
So I can set the password to anything for installation ?


I guess it should contain atleast 1 uppercase and 1 special symbol and minimum length of 8 charcters. Please note this password for next reference.

The Azure deploy scripts throw this error: Default tenant administrator password validation error. Password does not meet the strength requirements length: 8, at least a digit, at least one lowercase

I can assure you the password I provided in the script meets these criteria. The deployments scripts are so sketch…