Orchestrator 2019.10.2 Upgrade - Database Error: Login failed

While upgrading Orchestrator 2018.4.5 to 2019.10.2, are the Assets from the previous versions are auto updated?

I face below error:

any suggestions


I’ve retagged your topic to move it out of the product suggestion space and adjusted the title a bit to hopefully get visibility to your inquiry.

An upgrade of the database does happen when upgrading Orchestrator, the Installation Wizard should detect the existence of a database if you point to an existing one and prompt you to update. (I don’t recall the exact wording)

Based on the error message

System.Exception: Init Host: Login failed. The login is from an untrusted domain and cannot be used with Windows authentication.

Are you able to share the steps you are taking in performing the upgrade as well as any of the configuration values (masking any sensitive information)?

  • Which installer are you using (MSI, or EXE)
  • If MSI, are you performing a silent install or full?
  • If silent install, what properties are you passing in or what does your supplied configuration file look like? Are you passing in the full database properties or using the previous APP_ENCRYPTION_KEY?

Given that this is an upgrade and I assume it is a pre-existing working installation, I would guess that one of the properties you are providing is incorrect potentially the username format for the database user you provided vs domain\username.

Can you login to the database manually using the credentials you provided to the installer or the pre-existing credentials in your configuration file?

We use SQL for the DB_AUTHENTICATION_MODE as our RDS/SQL Server is not joined to the domain, so I’m not able to try and replicate the issue.

hi @codemonkee thanks for your reply,

  • I’m using the MSI installer.
  • Full installation upgrade.
  • I am only giving the ORCHESTRATORFOLDER as my installation is in a different directory.


  • I navigate to the msi installer path for 2019.10.15 (wrapper name 2019.10.2)
    orchestrator.msi ORCHESTRATORFOLDER “path” /l*vx log.txt
  • The installer works fine all the way until i get the error as attached.

The enterprise architecture is we have a different app server and database server.
Yes pre existing installation, is currently working fine (version 2018.4.5) .

The upgrade is used via the same login, i did manually logged to the SQL Server with that user name.

  • We are using integrated windows authentication.
  • I have raised a request to our DBA to create another login name, i will try to use the same at app server and DB server.

Best Regards

Hi @Anshul,

I’m curious on your resolution, were you able to get help from your DBA to resolve your upgrade roadblock?


hi Tim,

Yes resolved, added a new login in the DB and upgraded the orchestrator.



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