Orchestrator 2019.10.18

I have a version of orchestrator 2019.10.18 I can not connect the machine, after I created the MACHINE it does not connect to the folder I created
I would be happy to help urgently !!! connect the machine

Hi, you will not connect the machine to a folder. You will add the User that you created to the specific folder.

Once you have added the user to the folder, you will then create a machine. After creating the machine, you can click to Robots unders “Management” to create the robot. Upon creating the robot, you will also be asked to select the machine. Select the machine that you created.

Make sure the User name and Password is correct

Lastly, create and environment, Once you have created the environment. Place the robot that you created in the environment the same environment.

Hope it helps!

Thank u!!!

Managed to solve it?


Would you be a dear and click solution please if my solution solved it please :slight_smile:

I did
thank u!!!

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