Orchestrator 2018.1 Install Issue

Working on initial installation of Orchestrator 2018.1 and can’t get past the App Pool Settings portion of the Windows install wizard. I am using a custom account for the App Pool identity. I correctly enter the credentials, click Next to advance the wizard, then receive the following message:

“Unable to validate AppPool user account. Please verify the credentials.”

Only workaround I have found is to add the account I’m using for the App Pool identity to either the “Power Users” or “Administrators” group on the server - then the installer will progress to the next step. Is this necessary? Does the account need to stay in one of those groups once the install is complete? Is there something else I have missed?

Other info:

  • I have executed all prerequisites.
  • Windows Server 2012 R2 Standard
  • IIS 8

Thanks, in advance, for any insight you can offer on this topic.

Solved. In addition to granting “Log on as a batch job”, I also had to grant “Allow log on locally” in Local Computer policy for the custom App Pool identity (both Power Users and Administrators are already granted this). Seems odd though, that this requirement isn’t mentioned in the prerequisites. Still wondering if I’m missing something.

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