Orchestrator 2017.1 - View Logs / Stop / Kill on Jobs menu

Hi again,

I feel like this is going to end in tears for me at some point quite soon. When you look at the More Actions button, beside a running job, you get three options popup, View Logs, Stop & Kill.


Neither Stop or Kill have a confirmation once you press them. It feels like I am going to at some point go in to go to View the logs of an active process to see how it’s going, misclick and instead accidentally stop it, which will be bad…

Can we either put a “Are yo sure you want to end the process” on a stop or kill click, so at least I’d need to make two mistakes, or alternatively (probably preferred for me), pull view logs out beside the little details button.



up! tx.

done. in 17.1 stop and kill have a confirmation dialogue.