Orchestrator 2016.2 Documentation



UiPath Orchestrator User Guide 2016.2

UiPath Orchestrator Installation Guide 2016.2

UiPath Orchestrator Database Migration (from 2016.1 to 2016.2)

UiPath Hardware and Software Requirements 2016.2

Orchestrator API Guide 2016.2

UiPath Orchestrator Upgrade Guide 2016.2

UIPath architecture
Queues in UIPATH?
Minumum System Requirements for installing uipath
What do i need to get started?
How to integrated uipath with custom desktop application
Licence information
Minumum System Requirements for installing uipath
How to build Orchestrator for multi tenancy
Tenant in orchestrator
UiPath v2017.1 SP 1
Executor start process failed
Logs Data
Unable to install UiPath Orchestrator
Usual Orchestrator errors (FAQ) - Troubleshooting
Documentation about UiPath architecture
Documents/training material on Orchestrator?
How to publish to Orchestrator?!?
Running a process without Robot
Not installing on Windows 7
Network Configuration Requirements (ports, etc)
How to run the robot on Orchestrator?


Thanks. Really helpful.


Which documents have to be referred to upgrade the Orchestrator from 2016.1 to 2016.2?

I have one document which I don’t see in the list is attached below. Please suggest. Thanks.

UiPath Orchestrator Upgrade Guide 2016.1.pdf (412.5 KB)


Check up - Upgrade 2016.2


Thanks @badita

Document says : The UiPath Orchestrator Upgrade Guide provides information to help you upgrade your version of Orchestrator 2016.2 to the latest stable one. Can I still go with it?


First, you need to upgrade to the last stable version of 2016.1, or at least version 2016.1.5995. Steps how to do this are in the Upgrade Guide 2016.1. This can be found in the forum, in the E-Docs category, under the Orchestrator 2016.1 Documentation name.

Then, please install the V2 version using the Installation Guide that is linked above.

Lastly, use the Database Migration guide to help you move your data (also linked above).

Hope it all goes well for you.


Thanks @Madalina_Bobo


Many Thanks for all the Documents help me lot in exploring Orchestrator.


Hi Guys,

Can someone share me the link to webinar that happened in past. I really needed the same
really appreciate your help on this.(hoping someone might have recorded the live webinars)

Details of webinar that happened on (https://academy.uipath.com/)

  1. UiPath Cognitive Capabilities Webinar
  2. UiPath Intelligent Workforce Allocation Webinar (happened yesterday)

RPA Q&A Webinar

Hey @sunita.baloda

please find below Google Drive links for the Webinar Materials you asked for :slight_smile:[quote=“sunita.baloda, post:10, topic:3124”]

  1. UiPath Cognitive Capabilities Webinar

https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0BzaoQTJpWnElYWEwUklkZEFQUU0[quote=“sunita.baloda, post:10, topic:3124”]
2. UiPath Intelligent Workforce Allocation Webinar (happened yesterday)




Got it friend. Even I got an email few minutes back.

Thank you :slight_smile:


Thanks a lot, I got all stuffs under one forum


All this information and more has been moved to an online platform. Please look at the following links to browse the documentation:

The Orchestrator and Studio documentation contain both the 2016.2 and 2017.1 versions. Change it from the left drop-down list.

Documents/training material on Orchestrator?
Documents/training material on Orchestrator?


@Madalina_Boboc is the architectural documentation openly available?


It is only given out on a request basis. Please submit a ticked to my colleagues in support. They will be happy to help.