Orchestrator 2016.2 API StartJobs - Strategy: All

Hello everyone, could you please help me to trigger a process via REST API (Orchestrator 2016.2) without specifying robots in the environment. I tried using Strategy: All instead of Specific but i am not able to make it work. When i use specific everything works fine. I tried to play with NoOfRobots and RobotIds arguments but with no luck.

Thank you

Hello @jan,

Have you tried this? It works for me :slight_smile:



I havent and it works :slight_smile: thanks a lot Susana
But it doesnt work exactly as i intended, currently it triggers the process on all robots in the envirnonment. what i want to do is to trigger it only on the first available robot in the environment.
what exactly does NoOfRobots mean? Is it an enumerated type or actual number of robots that will be running the process?

Hey @jan,

Then you can use RobotCount strategy:

NoOfRobots is the number of robots selected to be run by the current process. This number must be greater than 0 only if the start strategy is not 2 (RobotCount).
Strategy: States which robots from the environment are runned by the process. Possible values: All, Specific or RobotCount.
RobotIds: The collection of ids of specific robots selected to be run by the current process. This collection must be empty only if the start strategy is not 1 (Specific).

More examples:


take a look at this:




Great, thanks a lot. thats exactly what i needed.

Hi Susana,

After reading the documentation, I am still a little confused on what each Strategy does and its correlation with NoOfRobots. Do you mind explaining those more in depth? My goal is to start a job on only one bot, and that bot can be any of the 4 bots in an environment. It should just pick the next available of the 4 bots. Which option should I use for Strategy, NoOfRobots, and if necessary RobotIds. I am using Orchestrator v2017.1.