Orchestrater Queries

I am using a trial version and would like to go ahead with the licensed version after having some clarity on the below

  1. I would like my orchestrater to be a common log in credential between two projects. The orchestrater credentials to be used between two people of two different projects. So configuration to be of two machines and many bots. If this is the best approach to go ahead, what kind of license would I require.

  2. I want the queue items to be confidential so that the person running the second project can’t view my data bank.

Please let me know.

Hi @ramya_raju

  1. You can achieve this by creating two separate user accounts for each of you.
  2. Queues, by definition, are meant to be shared, so I am not sure if Queue items can be protected or restricted per user. However, you can easily achieve this by creating Modern Folders per project.
    Each folder user can see machines, robots, queues and other components that are specific to the project only.

If you are unsure how useful it is for your situation, you can easily set up a Community cloud instance (for FREE!) at cloud.uipath.com. Set it up, give it a whirl and that will help you ask specific questions about what’s not working.

I hope this helps.