Orchestraor Manager: Bug with create user in onPremise 2019.10


I use Orchestrator Manager 2.1.8 with an OnPremise Orchestrator 2019.10 and I have a bug with the user creation case.

The User API returns “invalid request” when I try to create user and I found that the value “MayHavePersonalWorkspace” is set to the body request but is not supported by Orchestrator 19.10 version.

I correct that in the version I use but is it possible to integrate it in the new version of Orchestrator Manager process ?

Hi @Florent.Coulon

Have you tried contacting our technical support for direct assistance? :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot for the report, we have a patch release in progress so we’ll try to include the fix for this.
@loginerror the forum is the right place for Orchestrator Manager (tech support doesn’t cover it)

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This issue has been fixed in 2.1.9. Thank you for reporting this.


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