Oracle menu's doesn't open any more after installing a patch

Hello, I am a new user in Uipath and still have a lot to learn. At the moment I run into the following. In Studio I made 2 flowcharts. Among other things, I used recording to open menus in Oracle and that worked. A few days ago an Oracle Security patch was installed on our environment and now the Oracle menus no longer open. Logging in still works. Could this be related to the security patch? Perhaps IDs have been changed so that Uipath no longer recognizes the menus. Can this be prevented in the future? Now I only have 2 flowcharts but I want to make many more. But if that means that I have to recreate everything after an update or upgrade, that works a lot. I have tried using the repair option from the selector. Can it be solved with wildcards or another option?

Thanks for the responses.