Oracle Form - Split Values in Form


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How can I fill in the Values from Excel using the Duration

@Vrinda1991 Use type into activity

Hi ,

I need to Split the Duration field like 8 Hours and type 8 into text field and the Hour needs to be selected from the drop down . I believe a use of Array can help …let me know if there is any other way by which I can achieve this

@Vrinda1991 Split 8 Hours based on space

                                                            V1= 8 Hours 
                                                            Str[ ] =  System.Text.RegularExpressions.Regex.Split(V1," ")
                                                            Str(0) //Will have 8
                                                             Str(0) //Will have  Hours


Use dynamic selector to change the value of dropdown

  1. Select any value in dropdown
  2. Get selector using Ui Explorer
  3. Change the selector to dynamic and pass the dropdown value from excel data