Oracle Form: Selector not working for a Click activity (Dynamic Link)

Hello there, I have created simple flow for clicking a link inside an Oracle Form application inside IE browser.

Getting error related to selector: Please see screenshot:


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Is Java extension installed

If installed no worries we can try with send hot key activity with key tab and another activity with enter key

Cheers @RajeshSwarnkar

Yes, Java extension is installed in studio, does it needs to be added to the dependencies as well - UiPath.Java.Activities?

Navigating via tab-ing (Sending hotkey) will be tedious and error prone.

Hi @RajeshSwarnkar

Could you try the Repair option when editing already existing selector? I believe the selector might be fixed with some wildcards for the characters that are not stable. Keep repairing and refreshing your app until the selector is stable enough :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the Hint @loginerror !

I suspected below causes for this:

  1. Target IE 11 Browser may not have the UiPath addon. (Then I got to know that there is no UIPath add-on for the IE.). And checked if active scripting was allowed in browser.

  2. I checked if the Java was enabled in browser.

  3. I went through the selectors and the HTML structure and realized that the menu items were dynamic, hence selector was failing. So i used the wild card * and the click worked well !

thanks for the hint. Adding these point for reference.

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