Oracle form automation in UIPath

Hi ,

Anyone please help me about on oracle forms automation.
I don’t want the hotkeys options, since i am able to navigate to jobs Tab but there was challenge in getting scraping data from result table.

so i like to know, is there any other way?


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Hi @Dhanendran

Are you able to do the screen scrapping or get attribute


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Hi @Dhanendran

Try using image automation or use record option once you get the flow from recording try to modify as per your requirement accordingly.


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–usually in java page elements can be handled by selecting them as individual elements on installing java extensions from uipath studio
–as you were able to do that, glad
–now to scrape the data from the table format of data from Java forms,we can either use FIND CHILDREN activity or has only few rows which are visible on screen then we can go screen scrapping, but cant be used when certains rows are to be srolled down
–this thread could help you on this

Cheers @Dhanendran

Here is link for installing UIPath Java Extension.

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