Oracle finding items (exists or not)

Hello guys!

I am facing issue with If-Then (i don’t think this is the correct activity) from Oracle. Hope some can help me with this. Okay, the problem is, If “Item” is existing already in Oracle I have to add “Description” only, BTW warning sign will be popped-out that item is existing . But if the “Item” doesn’t exists in Oracle, I have to create new “Item” and “Description”. I hope guys you can help me with that. Thank you in advance.


Hi @Amber17

You can use Element Exist activity to return a boolean value, either True or False, depending if the element exists or not.
You can then use this boolean variable in your IF statements.

I hope it helps a little bit :slight_smile:

To better describe your planning, write yourself a flowchart that will be super easy to recreate in UiPath using the Flowchart activity :slight_smile:

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hi @loginerror, Thank you for the good advice. I used flowchart, and it was a success.

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