Oracle EBS : Exception: Job stopped with an unexpected exit code: 0xC0000005

Dear users,

Am trying to automate certain activities in Oracle EBS.

  1. Launch the GSI application (Web Application)
  2. Launch the Data entry form (Java Oracle Forms application)
  3. Go to Query mode (F11)
  4. Pickup the Order Number from excel
  5. Key the Order Number in Data entry form
  6. Query the Order number (Cntrl + F11)
  7. Check View Validation Messages
  8. Check the Pass messages (tick)
  9. Save the View vaidation messages (Cntrl + S)
  10. Click “Book” button
    11) Click “OK” button for all PopUp Windows ------ this is where the issue is
  11. If there is one Popup with Button Continue, Click continue
  12. Wait for few seconds
  13. Check the Status Field in the Data entry Form
    If its “Booked” then update the excel sheet for that order number as “Booked”
    Update as “UnBooked, Tried Booking”

It works smooth till the “Book” button is clicked but it throws the error when the RPA program tries to click OK button for popup which takes more time to process after the button is clicked.
This error does not get caught in Try Catch Activity

I have tried all the below but it dint help.

  1. Continue on Error for click activity by setting timeout to 4 mins
  2. Element exists to see if the popup is still there and then trying click activity
  3. Tried Passing hot key
  4. Tried to use Get text and compare the popup contents and put a delay for specific popups

Please assist.
I’m facing similar issue at Oracle EBS and hope my solution will help you.
My process are:

  1. Login then some clicks.
  2. Submit a request.
    –>Try to take action of next step (click) when system hangs causes 0xC0000005 error.
  3. Click refresh then proceed the rest.

The system hang lasts around 1 to 2 mins, which appears when the first run of Oracle of the day. If the process runs later again, it’ll go smoothly.
I can’t fix the issue no matter I use Try/Catch, Retry Scope or Global Handler. So I have to hard code to set a 2 mins delay in it.

I’ve gone through related posts in the forum but it seems that not any one fits the Oracle EBS situation. Hope someone could provide a better solution.