Oracle DB missing

I have two different PCs that I’m working on and both are using database activity. I have installed Oracle Client on both PCs. But there’s a different option on selecting DB type for both Uipath Studio.



I would like to choose ‘Oracle Provider for OLE DB’ for both PC but it was missing from PC2 Uipath Studio. From PC2 it has a limited option to choose from. I have checked packages version for both and it was the same version. What could cause this problem?

Hi @jenkim ,

Can you check both PCs operating system bit, and the same bit of Oracle client you have to install to work with.

Hi @sarathi125,

Both PCs are using 64 bit OS. But PC1 using 32 bit Oracle Client while PC2 using 64 bit Oracle Client.

@jenkim ,

Change the Oracle client to the working version similar to the PC1.